Available on July 16th (ebook & paperback)!

A seamless mixture of poetic writings and constructive self-help pulled from experience, this beautiful compilation of poems, prose, and inspiration is strung together to be a guide and a helpful reminder of the magic that life offers. The author uses imagery and lessons learned through travels, expansion, heartache, her spiritual walk, and all of the joys in-between, to reach out a hand to the reader — with the constant message, “Look back dreamer, you are more than a conqueror. Victories abound.”

I’ve been working on this book for the past year (with some help from others piecing it all together). Taken from a deep desire for a more full life, a journey of discovery, and my own personal perspective, this collection is constructed to be a tool to help reframe the eyes — to see the magic in the every day moments, to inspire the want for growth, to connect with those around us, and to celebrate the journey along the way.



From the inside (& Back) cover:

A celebration. A whisper, an anthem, a knowing that life is a journey worth living.


At times, I find myself feeling stuck, and throughout the process of expansion, I’ve learned that it’s okay to start again.

To put a new lens on the eye, to reacquaint myself with life’s offerings — to be present and see the beauty and magic of life, through all of its inevitable ups and downs. To be open to knowing that an updated lens is sometimes essential, to keep going, to keep growing, to keep learning, and to keep that joy alive — sparkling in all of its glory. 

Within this book, you’ll find small fragments, ripped out of my soul with gentle hands and reassembled — a compilation of poetic writings, prose and inspiration strung together to help expand the joy and be a reminder of life’s gifts. This collection was inspired by nature, my travels, personal growth, and life experiences.

To be a small reminder of the magic that life holds. And that we, too, hold the power.

We, too, hold the magic.

I wrote this for you and for me. This joy of life, pain of life, love of life, magic of life. 

The magic that is life.

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Book cover photography and design by: Daniel Chapman and Jessica Higgins.

Published by THE HAPPY KIND in Los Angeles, CA.

Look back,
You are more than
a conqueror.
victories abound...