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Jessica Nicole Higgins is an American actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles, California. She is a Southern girl born in Michigan and raised in Louisiana. Jessica always knew she wanted to be a performer. The passion she has for performing and writing and the joy she receives from them are reassurances that she is on the right path.

She started dancing at the age of four, started singing and writing stories in middle school, and started acting in high school. Before graduating from high school, she competed in and won a national talent competition against hundreds of other teens for a monologue she performed and also wrote. Through this she was able to meet with numerous agents, managers, and casting directors, including a Talent Director at Disney, who helped and guided her down the right path and said she had a bright future ahead! She immediately knew she wanted to do this for the rest of her life. She graduated from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!!) with a B.A. degree in Theatre Performance. She has performed in numerous plays and independent films. While in college, she started working on feature films shot in Louisiana as part of the crew department and learned the production aspect as well. This sparked an interest in directing. She has since directed a few short films, a spec PSA, and produced numerous productions. 

Today, Jessica continues to act (SAG-AFTRA) and write, while also expanding her knowledge in directing by working on smaller projects with the hopes of directing a feature film in the near future.

She also works in production and the audience departments on numerous Emmy winning television and award shows (she currently has over 500 episodes of television on her resume).

Fun Facts!

  • Enjoys bicycling, hiking, and riding horses!

  • Obsessed with going to the movies and Starbucks -- but who isn't!? (Aww lawwwd!) :)

  • In love with Santa Barbara and Yosemite National Park!! :)

  • Designs, writes, and is the creative director of her Coffee Talk blog!

  • Publishing her first collection of poetry and prose this year!

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