Power of Prayer...


Powerful quote! Sometimes when we pray, we just want the "problem" to disappear and be done with it. Poof, gone! But through prayer, grace, and faith, we learn to OVERCOME the problem and we're given the tools to help us do so. We're enabled to face it with courage and overcome it. 

Prayer is power! Let us always remember this and live a prayerful, faith-filled life! Don't lose heart when you feel like God isn't listening or hasn't heard your prayers. He's heard you. He's working in your favor and His will shall be done. Just keep doing your part and keep the faith! :) God's nurturing your life and your soul. Stay encouraged and know that there's always a bigger plan at work! I believe in your victory! Stay prayerful! Happy Sunday!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess