Create Your Own Lane...


Yes! The opportunities are there. You just need to grab them! Start getting creative! Create your own lane!! :)

["I always encourage people to, if they want to really work on getting into this business, to be writers first. Don’t worry about being an actor first, be a writer. Create something. Own it and then you, you know, the world is yours. You can really dictate the terms of how that will happen and that’s only going to happen because unique, creative, interesting voices and stories are coming up, you know. Don’t try to run down the same lane that people have done before. Create your own lane and that’s – that’s the opportunity that was – that is there now that actually wasn’t there when I was, you know, just coming out.” - Don Cheadle]

Start creating. Keep creating! 

Today and always, be blessed! :)

- Jess