Your Intentions...


What are your intentions and desires for today? For this week? What excites you? The quote from me above is my overall objective within each day. I, of course, have other objectives, desires, goals, and intentions for each day as well -- that I'm also equally excited and passionate about too. But everything becomes a bit easier when I remember that my overall desire is to help bring more goodness and laughter into the world. With this outlook, I find myself being more kind (even though sometimes I don't feel like it) or I find myself not getting upset over the little things that might go wrong within the day. I have to always remind myself, otherwise I could easily slip into a sadness some days (which I of course have). But I remember who I am. I remember my loves and desires. I remember my faith. I remember who my faith is in, and I keep it movin'! Haha!

It's a day-to-day acknowledgment, but knowing what moves you, what your most passionate about, and having clear intentions, will help you each day. 

Get excited! Get passionate! Life is happening right now! Have some great intentions! I believe in your victory!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess