Some Alone Time...



I'm a big believer in sharing your life with others and having healthy friendships and relationships with others and family members. I also believe it is very important to have some alone time as well! 

Don't get caught up depending on other people's presence in order for you to feel secure and satisfied. Alone time is great for reflection, rejuvenation, and restoration!

Learn and know who you are when you're alone -- when you're by yourself. You will never lose WHO you are if you KNOW who you are! Spend some time by yourself today. Go on a date with yourself! Love on yourself! Be comfortable with yourself. Yes, I believe happiness is even greater when it's shared with others, but it's great to know that others do not define your happiness! It starts and comes from within!

Try to work in some "me time" today and every day! Go out! Have fun! Reflect! Rejuvenate! Restore! Be happy!

Today and always, be blessed. :) 

- Jess

[The photo above was taken this morning on my morning hike up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood! Some great alone time!]