The Award...

Today is a big day out here in Los Angeles. It’s Oscar Sunday! I must say, I do love awards season (as you might could already tell, haha!) and this day! I love movies and they are a big part of my profession and life.

The great performances — intriguing writing — beautiful cinematic shots — the way the music score can make you feel a certain way — the direction — everything about movies I love and I’m blessed to work in this industry!

I always say that it doesn’t really seem right to compare performances against each other — there are many great performances and films this year — that it doesn’t really seem right to just celebrate one person (for each acting category). BUT it’s still very fun to watch and be a part of (and I definitely have my favorites that I'm rooting for this year!!)! It’s exciting!!

As we watch and celebrate the awards today, let us not forget to celebrate the special people in our lives. Let’s not wait until they’re gone to celebrate their presence and their lives. Let’s do it NOW!

Happy OSCAR SUNDAY y’all!!

Today and always, be blessed. :) 

- Jess