Joie de Vivre...



My brother wrote a post yesterday about what he misses about Louisiana and it included a phrase we all love, "joie de vivre" -- which inspired today's blog post.

The "joy of living" and "let the good times roll" (but where I'm from we say, JOIE DE VIVRE and LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER) -- are two sayings I hold dear to my heart and carry with me every day [along with HAPPY KIND of course! :)]

Let this be the theme for your day today, for this upcoming week, for this month -- live a JOYFUL LIFE, and live it now! Rejoice!! Don't say, "well, if this or that happens, then I'll be joyful and happy" -- start today! It begins from within, from deep within yourself. You have a choice to live an exuberant, ebullience, completely joyful life!! Choose joy today!

Don't wallow in misery. Release that today. For any worries, let go and let God! Cast your burdens upon Him and accept your joy and peace today! Keep working hard, going after your dreams, seeing the good in every situation, and HAVE FUN!! Let the joy inside of you out and always rejoice!! Today is the day! 

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess