Value Yourself...


VALUE - [Synonyms]: think highly of; appreciate, respect.

We must always remember to value who we are! We are important. We are destined for greatness. We have a lot to offer to the world. There's only one us. We must always remember that!

Once we value who we are and what we have to offer to the world, then we can allow and make room for our growth and blessings! We can fully step into our greatness.

Today, write down three things you LOVE about yourself. Then write down three things you VALUE about yourself. Read them. Believe them. At the end of the day, reread them to yourself. Try to do this every day for a week, so that it can allow you to see and realize how beautiful, amazing, and talented YOU ARE! You are valuable. Start receiving and believing that truth today!

Today and always, be blessed! :)

- Jess