Pat on the Back...


Yes! Encourage yourself. Love yourself! We live in a world where we're constantly searching for approval and for other people to tell us how great we are and get "validation" from others. But I want to encourage you to try hard to not seek validation from others and not put your worth on that. It's a day-to-day challenge and I want to encourage you. Try every day to have self worth and to KNOW your worth...from within. Turn your eyes up (to God) and within (look inside yourself). Those two opinions are the only ones that really matter. Love yourself. Speak positive, beautiful words over yourself and your life!

["When I say things like, I love myself or I love this, it's not a thing that comes from being arrogant or conceited, it comes from having to build yourself up from within, because those voices that we hear are always the ones that are more negative and that's destructive.....I think.....and that makes us make bad choices in life. And it's always like reminding myself that --you are worthy to have a good life and to have a good relationship and to be successful. You deserve all those things. Everybody does..." - Jennifer Lopez]

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess