Bad Days...


We all have days that seem bad and like the worst things ever, but it's only one day. It's only one moment in your beautiful life. Let whatever happened make you stronger and wiser. Don't let it mentally and emotionally drain you. Don't let it make you bitter and ungrateful. Don't let it win! 

Take whatever you can from the experience and use it to make you a better person...a more grateful person. You are more than your circumstances! You are more than your environment. Don't get caught up in this one moment in time. There's always something to be grateful for--recognize what that is and allow that to be the fuel you need to push through this momentary hiccup in your extraordinary life!

I believe in your victory!  

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess

[Every photo I use with my quotes that I create are taken by me, but today's photo was taken in Malibu (El Matador Beach) by my favorite photographer, who also happens to be my boyfriend, Dan Chapman aka Rabid Caterpillar. Please check out a little more of his work here: --More shots coming soon on his site...]