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Summer Lovin' (& Intentional Living)

Summer Lovin' (& Intentional Living)

S U M M E R ! 

It's here (tomorrow to be exact), but it's already, definitely, been "feeling" like it around L.A.

This heat y'all.

This heat is no joke, and I'm from the South! :) I, of course, am grateful for this air conditioned room I'm in while writing this (and for the ocean breeze when I'm on the westside). But this heat, Lord have mercy! Lol! But back to why I'm here (and looking on the B R I G H T side)! ;)

Los Angeles is a great place to be during the summer! Aside from being so ridiculously beautiful, there are so many endless activities, possibilities and staycation ideas...that you literally can't be bored around these parts (unless you "choose" to be)!

I'm starting to fill up my summer to-do list (which includes a lot of creative projects thank goodness!) But one major "thing" aka mantra that's at the top is:

L I V I N G  with  I N T E N T I O N.

I'm sure you've heard this phrase at one point or another. It tends to get thrown around a lot. But it's a mantra I try to hold at the forefront of my mind -- intentional living, to be an active participant in my own life.

I've been living in L.A. a while and I'm about to...

Movies in June!

Movies in June!


It's that time again! "Blockbuster season" is in full swing now! However, I'm not extremely anxious to see too much this month (I already saw the one I REALLY wanted to see!), but there are a few movies that I'm looking forward to seeing either this month or soon after (including the one I've seen already and will see again this weekend aka opening weekend :) lol)!

A few movies to watch in JUNE:

  • Wonder Woman*
  • Baby Driver
  • All Eyez on Me
  • The Beguiled

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
"I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves..." - Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

I had the honor of watching the world premiere of Wonder Woman last night in Hollywood (work perks!) at the Hollywood Pantages Theater with Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and other cast members in attendance. 

Premieres and opening weekends are always fun, especially for iconic roles! The theaters are always packed with excited fans and there's lots of clapping and hootin' and hollerin' when these iconic characters grace the screen for the first time or when they do something cool in a scene! :) I love being in the room with people who really appreciate it and clap during the credits. :) Last night was no different...

Movies in May!

Movies in May!

Movies: May Edition!

My absolute favorite time of the year for movies is award season, which comes later in the year. But my second favorite time of the year for movies is definitely the spring/summer season.

A bulk of big studio movies start to make their way into the theater around this time. A few movies that I'm mostly looking forward to in MAY are:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Vol. 2
  • Alien: Covenant
  • Everything, Everything

Scroll for deets!

Henrietta Lacks (& Oprah)

Henrietta Lacks (& Oprah)

 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks premiered tonight on HBO (it's also on HBO Go & HBO Now as well)!

I had been looking forward to this film ever since I first saw the trailer before an episode of Big Little Lies a few weeks ago! I remember watching it and being engrossed with this story -- and fixated on Oprah Winfrey. I remember thinking, "What a minute........