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Winter Is Here!

Winter Is Here!

So y'all, I recently finished all of the seasons for Game of Thrones (seasons 1 - 6). Season 7 is nearing -- premiering next month, on my birthday actually!! :) There's so much to discuss. 

I started on April 4th (finished last Friday, on June 9th!). I was looking for something new to watch. So I came back to GoT. I just decided it was time I really gave this show a shot, and I had some time to watch it before the new season began. So that's what I did. I took my time with it. Finally.

Whoaaaa! This show, man.

First of all, the main title theme song is everything!!! :) It's absolutely my jam y'all! Like for real! :) Also, I began the show with not knowing too much about what happens throughout the series as it progresses. I've seen parts of some episodes here and there before my initial dive in though. My boyfriend watched this series a while ago. I would sometimes be there when he was watching it. So I was aware and knew of a few things before I started at the beginning...