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Fall Reads!

Fall Reads!

The leaves are starting to fall and the temps are (hopefully) starting to drop a bit.

Our fall shows are back on tv -- but it's also the best time of the year (well, let's be honest, anytime is the best time) to snuggle up and get lost in a good book -- even with all of the hustle and bustle that may come along with school and work! :) Whether you enjoy reading scary novels this time of year or thrillers or romance -- or something in between -- fall is a good time to catch up on that book you've been putting off or have been wanting to read! 

Below, I've included a few new ones that just dropped and a bonus one with a film adaptation coming out this month (which will be included in my Movies in October post this upcoming week)! So -- nevertheless -- below are the novels I currently have on my fall reading list...

Summer Lovin' (& Intentional Living)

Summer Lovin' (& Intentional Living)

S U M M E R ! 

It's here (tomorrow to be exact), but it's already, definitely, been "feeling" like it around L.A.

This heat y'all.

This heat is no joke, and I'm from the South! :) I, of course, am grateful for this air conditioned room I'm in while writing this (and for the ocean breeze when I'm on the westside). But this heat, Lord have mercy! Lol! But back to why I'm here (and looking on the B R I G H T side)! ;)

Los Angeles is a great place to be during the summer! Aside from being so ridiculously beautiful, there are so many endless activities, possibilities and staycation ideas...that you literally can't be bored around these parts (unless you "choose" to be)!

I'm starting to fill up my summer to-do list (which includes a lot of creative projects thank goodness!) But one major "thing" aka mantra that's at the top is:

L I V I N G  with  I N T E N T I O N.

I'm sure you've heard this phrase at one point or another. It tends to get thrown around a lot. But it's a mantra I try to hold at the forefront of my mind -- intentional living, to be an active participant in my own life.

I've been living in L.A. a while and I'm about to...



Film and TV Adaptations

There seems to be more and more... and more books being adapted into films or tv shows -- more than usual I should say, over the past few years. It's definitely a "popular" thing to do right now if you're a producer...and books definitely seem like go-to materials for studios lately.

Acquire the rights to a successful book that already has a built-in audience (or sometimes books that haven't even come out yet called galleys that you think will become successful) and adapt them into features or a series -- and BOOM! You might have an instant hit (or so you hope -- The Circle, starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks was just released and didn't perform that well at the box office, among others).  

This year, there are (around) 20 film adaptations being released. I've already seen two of them...