Movies in April!

Movies in April!

It's April, which means spring is here (and the new Avengers: Infinity War is about to drop)!!

Last month, I saw a good amount of movies, thanks to my MoviePass! My favorite one from last month was a movie that was actually on my "maybe list" -- Ready Player One! Also quick side note, if you're looking for a way to see more movies in the theater, I highly suggest signing up for MoviePass! Life-changing for all movie lovers y'all, life-changingl! :)

Back to the movies for this month, I only have two films that I'm really, really excited to see! It's the shortest list I've had so far but one I also believe includes absolute hits! One of them is in a genre I hardly ever watch! (Oh geez!) The other is one that doesn't even need a description. ;)

My maybe list is stacked, and I'm positive I will be seeing a good amount of those as well, thanks to (again) my MoviePass! :) Also, I have a few on my "if it's your jam list" for the ones I won't be seeing but my fancy your interest.

So grab your cup of joe, and let's get to it! Here's what I'm seeing this month in theaters!