The Magic That Is Life

Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. Be aware, always and at every moment, that the miracle is in the here and now...
— Marcel Proust

I saw the most epic moon the other night in Joshua Tree as it was rising up. I was driving and literally pulled over because I was in complete awe. Dan was there, as he always is, for my deep, life thoughts.


There I was realizing, once again, the magic in life. The magic that is life.

It spilled out of me — this realization — that no matter how many sunrises we see, no matter how many sunsets, no matter how many times we see the moon rise high into the sky, there’s some magic there. As if we haven’t ever seen one before — as if every time is the first time, all over again. Oh, to view life for the magic that it is.

Like a baby’s laugh or a field of new blooms or hiking up a mountain or tasting the most delicious dessert or seeing an old friend and it feeling like it was just yesterday or being there in the moment when snow falls or seeing an ocean, any ocean ....It all feels so brand new each time, so miraculous in a way, if we choose to view life this way. If we choose to realize that we are here. That we are witnesses to the miracles of life, to the magic that is life.

That life is the miracle, that life is the magic.

Sunset in Joshua Tree

This realization — that the magic lies in how we choose to view what’s around us, how we choose to view our lives.

To really view it this way, for what it truly is: a gift. Through the joy that spurts up and resides, as we go through the pain that inevitably comes along with this ride — and to make it to the other side, where healing awaits, forgiveness lies, and grace — oh, sweet grace. To live each moment as best we can and to see — through this continuous unraveling, awareness, and acceptance — the magic of life, the MAGIC THAT IS LIFE.

Oh, the magic!

(*Photos taken in Joshua Tree a few weeks ago!)