Summer Lovin' (& Intentional Living)

Live your one and only, beautiful, outrageous, scary, funny, crazy, astounding, bold life. And keep love at the center...
— Jess Higgins

S U M M E R ! 

It's here (tomorrow to be exact), but it's already, definitely, been "feeling" like it around L.A.

I love summer, especially out here in California -- also, I don't look crazy drinking an iced coffee! (I'm telling you, I drink them even in the freezing cold you guys. Lol! Iced all day!)

But...this heat y'all.

This heat is no joke, and I'm from the South! :) I, of course, am grateful for this air conditioned room I'm in while writing this (and for the ocean breeze when I'm on the westside). But this heat, Lord have mercy! Lol! But back to why I'm here (and looking on the BRIGHT side)! ;)

Los Angeles is a great place to be during the summer! Aside from being so ridiculously beautiful, there are so many endless activities, possibilities and staycation ideas...that you literally can't be bored around these parts (unless you "choose" to be)!

I'm starting to fill up my summer to-do list (which includes a lot of creative projects thank goodness!) But one major "thing" aka mantra that's at the top is:

L I V I N G  with  I N T E N T I O N.

I'm sure you've heard this phrase at one point or another. It tends to get thrown around a lot. But it's a mantra I try to hold at the forefront of my mind -- intentional living, to be an active participant in my own life.

I've been living and working in L.A. a while and I'm about to hit a BIG milestone birthday next month. Yes, a big one lol! And of course it's got me thinking about specific parts of my life -- and has put me in a bit of a reflection state.

We all have that crazy voice that likes to compare our own lives to others' lives.

Thoughts like:

So and so bought a great house and has a perfect marriage and has three kids, ALREADY! (Oh man, am I falling behind "schedule"..?!)


So and so gets to travel so much and go to this country and that country and gets to sip wine under this famous monument and basically has zero responsibilities! (Why can't I just travel as much as... so and so?!)


So and so booked another tv show and is on this new movie or has this new agent!


So and so has a masters degree or this that and the other. (Ugh, so and so is so accomplished!)

You get my drift.  

It always seems like every one's side is always greener, for a lack of a better phrase. I, too, get caught up in this mind state sometimes, especially with all this "social media" bombardment with "illusioned truths" (for the most part). 

But what I hope to do more of, is blocking that out (and remember that "comparison is the thief of JOY") and to live MY best life NOW -- to live with intention -- to grab ahold of my opportunities and to take the necessary steps forward towards the things I believe in -- the ones that matter most to me -- and to keep realizing that "NOW is what we know we have for sure."  


So embracing that truth and living (to the best of my ability), with grace, kindness, and intention is my overall daily goal -- to not have someone else tell me what my life should be but embracing the life I have...

Since summer is around the corner, literally (lol!), I decided today to make this my jumping off point (and to lead me through the fall and the rest of the year as well).

My partial "list":

To actively seek professional, personal, and spiritual development and growth on a daily basis. To go on my European vacation I've been desperately wanting to go on -- to be more comfortable in my own skin -- to be more social with those I haven't seen in a while and meeting new friends along the way -- to spend more time with family.

To see more of the California coastline. To try more local coffee shops -- to go to the beach often since it's only 16 miles away and to go out into the ocean more -- to go to the Hollywood Bowl and more concerts -- to read a little every day -- to write and write and write. 

To try and volunteer on a weekly basis and get more involved in my community. To practice wellness more seriously -- to listen to more podcasts -- to be more handy and do more arts and crafts -- to take a class of some sort and learn something -- to create more --  to do my absolute best and try my hardest to work with the people I aspire to work with -- to expand my knowledge on professional cameras. 

To be a bit more responsible with my money and save more. To go to a few sporting events - to get that new wardrobe I've been wanting -- to cook more and expand my palate and try new foods -- to step out of my comfort zone often (whatever that might look like at the moment). 

To try new adventures in general.

My journey and path is different from yours. Yours is different from mine. Your wants and needs might differ from my wants and needs. But the beauty is realizing that, taking what we've been dealt, and making it the best it can be AND creating the change we wish to see -- while staying prayerful, hopeful.

As Cheryl Strayed has said, "You don't have a career. You have a LIFE."  

Live that life -- and not just during the summer, but all year round. 

Join me! :)  

Live your one and only, beautiful, outrageous, scary, funny, crazy, astounding, BOLD life. And keep love at the center.

Believing in our victory! :)

You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world...
— Oprah Winfrey