Winter Is Here!


I want to fight for the side that fights for the living...
— Kit Harington as Jon Snow

So y'all, I recently finished all of the seasons for Game of Thrones (seasons 1 - 6). Season 7 is nearing -- premiering next month, on my birthday actually!! :) There's so much to discuss!

Image: HBO

Image: HBO

OKAY, so I know I'm soooo late to this party. Yes, I'm fully aware lol -- and I know that pretty much what I'm going to discuss here has been discussed millions of times already. Lol! But this blog is here for little "talks" and discussions as such, so please join me as I share some thoughts! :)

Let me break down this whole "late to the party" thing real quick though regarding television (and my sometimes unintentional "binge-watch life").

I started Breaking Bad (thanks to Netflix!) after it was already off of the air. I had absolutely no interest in watching this show at the time when it was on tv. I remember seeing Bryan Cranston winning so many awards for his role as Walter White -- and I remember always thinking, "Why the heck does Cranston keep winning all the time for this show?!" :)

Cut to me finally watching Breaking Bad, and I think it is probably now in my top 5 favorite drama shows of all time (that I've seen of course lol!). That show was so unbelievably acted, written, directed, and just such an amazing show. 

Also -- The Walking Dead. Again, I had no interest in ever watching this series about zombies. I've seen clips and glances of it because my boyfriend watched it at the time -- and I remember thinking I would never watch it. 

Cut to me finally watching the series (before season 7 aired this past year -- and thanks to Netflix again!), and I was completely invested in these characters. It clicked for me and I cared so much about the story and these "people" -- and seasons 1 - 6 were some of the best television I've seen! This last season, not so much. But hey, I'm not here to talk about that really -- let's get to why I'm here --

Game of Thrones (GoT)! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Image: HBO

Image: HBO

GoT premiered back in 2011. I can't remember my initial reason for not watching it at the time -- one might be because I'm not a huge fan of tv shows or movies set in some sort of "medieval time period" -- so I wasn't super eager to start watching this. (And I actually did start it at one point but I quit soon after the first episode began. I just couldn't do it.)

As time went on and the hype around GoT got really huge, I still wasn't "about that life" -- I still wasn't feeling it, even though family members, friends, my boyfriend, everyone was telling me I should watch it and give it a real shot. Again, I would watch the award shows and see Peter Dinklage winning and the show winning ALLL of the awards (literally, this show has the most wins ever for a primetime series) -- and yet, I still wasn't interested.

Cut to NOW. 

I started on April 4th (finished last Friday, on June 9th!). I was looking for something new to watch. A lot of shows were beginning to go on "hiatus" for the summer and there were a couple I just became disinterested in -- I wanted something new and different. So I came back to GoT. I just decided it was time I really gave this show a shot, and I had time to watch it before the new season began. So that's what I did. I gave GoT a shot and I took my time with it. 

Whoaaaa! This show, man.

First of all, the main title theme song is everything!!! :) It's absolutely my jam y'all! Like for real! :) Also, I began the show with not knowing too much about what happens throughout the series as it progresses. I've seen parts of some episodes here and there before my initial dive in though. My boyfriend watched this series a while ago (I'm seeing a trend here where it seems like he tends to catch on to what's great before me lol!). I would sometimes be there when he was watching it. So I was aware and vaguely knew of a few things (that I remember thinking was absurd and absolutely crazy at the time, even with no context really) before I started at the beginning. 

Things like the whole incest thing, and "Hodor" ...and I had a vague memory about a little girl being burned alive....and seeing a naked woman with long blond hair standing in front of a huge fire and a crowd of people bowing to her. I remember seeing a girl pulling real faces off of a head on a body -- one after the other. I remember seeing dragons, big dragons ....and seeing a woman walking naked through crowds of people and a lady yelling "shame" at her. I remember a boy with a crown jumping out of a window and a man being eaten by dogs. I remember parts of "Battle of the Bastards" -- and of course the Jon Snow death -- I didn't know how or why he died, I just knew that he did (but hey, EVERYONE knew he died -- couldn't escape seeing Jon aka Kit Harington on all of the magazine covers at the time)! I remembered these things. It's a lot now that I've typed it out, but it didn't ruin the series for me. These were vague memories, spoilers yes, but they didn't seem like it while watching the show. They didn't ruin the show for me. 

Photo: Marc Hom for Entertainment Weekly

Photo: Marc Hom for Entertainment Weekly

This show had so many crazy things going on (with all those crazy ass people y'all -- so crazy!) that me knowing those previous mentioned "moments" didn't mess up the "surprise" element for me. It still made me laugh and angry and yell. I was still invested. 

Now, I'm not a die-hard fan, but I can now say that I understand the hype -- and I think it is a great series!! It really is, and it has some of the best acting, writing, and directing on television. I loved watching it (and I'm still thinking about it, obviously lol!) -- but even so, I have to admit, I still have trouble remembering people's names throughtout this show -- can I get a chart please!? Lol!

>> Something that bothered me throughout the series was the excessive nudity (and sometimes unwatchable violence and evil nature). They scaled it back a bit during season 5 and in season 6 (maybe they were trying to reach a broader audience by getting rid of a lot of the unnecessary nudity?! Whatever the reason, I'm glad it happened. :))

>> A couple of my favorite moments -- there are so many but here are the two where I literally yelled, "Yessss!":

  • When Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned in The Lion and the Rose (season 4, episode 2)!!! Y'all this moment right here made me so happy lol! Oh my goodness!
  • When Jon Snow and Sansa Stark finally meet up in Book of the Stranger (season 6, episodes 4 -- first time on screen together too!) -- this also made me very happy!! 
Image: HBO

Image: HBO

>> I'm trying to remember everything (which is too hard to do lol, too much drama), but some moments/episodes that stood out the most to me are: 

  • Baelor (season 1, episode 1 -- Ned's death was a surprise. I had no idea he was really going to die in that exact moment. I didn't know it would upset me as much as it did. Wow. Wow. Wow.)
  • Blackwater (season 2, episode 9 -- the battle at King's Landing with Stannis and Tyrion!)
  • The Climb (season 3, episode 6 -- This is the start of Theon Greyjoy's torture from Ramsay Snow aka Ramsay Bolton.)
  • The Rains of Castamere aka the Red Wedding (season 3, episode 9 -- That reception was crazy! Wow. The way it was shot, the music, the acting. Wow. Crazy moment. And Arya -- just can't catch a break.) 
  • The Laws of Gods and Men (season 4, episode 6 -- Tyrion's trial! Oh Peter Dinklage, you can do no wrong -- and that moment he had when he finally took down his father Tywin earlier.) 
  • The Watchers on the Wall (season 4, episode 9 -- Jon Snow's first big, epic battle and it definitely delivered! The Night's Watch vs the Wildlings aka the Free Folk! Wooow, what a battle!!) 
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (season 5, episode 6 -- Ramsay and Sansa's wedding night when he rapes her. They don't show the scene, but Theon aka Reek's face as he watches and Sansa's screams, Lord have mercy, so horrible.)
  • The Dance of Dragons (season 5, episode 9 -- This one made me so mad and I bawled -- seeing what Stannis and his wife did to their daughter, Shireen. I already knew it was coming, but it still had a profound impact on me. Oh man.) 
  • Mother's Mercy (season 5, episode 10 -- Cersei's walk of atonement, Jon's death -- just whoa!) 
  • The Door (season 6, episode 5 -- This was pieced together so well. We find out how Hodor became "Hodor" and how Bran had everything to do with it.
  • Battle of the Bastards (season 6, episode 9 -- I mean, what can I possibly say about this award winning episode?! Aside from an incredible battle sequence, Ramsey finally got what he deserved, and in the most perfect way.)
  • The Winds of Winter (season 6, episode 10 -- same director as Battle of the Bastards, Miguel Sapochnik. The music at the very beginning of this episode is SO good and haunting at the same time. It's perfect. The scene that had the "little birdies" aka the children stabbing really bothered me. Then Cersei set off wildfire and blew up the Great Sept, killing the High Sparrow, Queen Margaery, her brother Loras, along with countless others. This also hurt my heart (like Ramsay, Cersei is evil). King Tommen jumped out of the window after watching this occur from the Red Keep. Also, Arya got to take down Lord Frey (and we got another peak into who she is and what she can become.) She escaped the Faceless Men, which is great -- but she's still an assassin nonetheless. (Oh Arya, the assassin -- a badass yes, but still a killer.) So much happened in this one episode. Wow. 

There are other moments/episodes that are great and "blog worthy" but these stick out the most at this time! :)

Image: HBO

Image: HBO

>> So heading into season 7 we know:

  • Jon Snow has been named "King in the North" (sound familiar!?), starting with the declaration from the adorable and scene stealing Lady Mormont.  
  • Sansa seemed to be letting Lord Baelish aka Littlefinger get into her head again -- but possibly to her advantage. I feel like she's always wanted power, and this upcoming season I feel like we'll see a more manipulative side of her, even against her big bro Jon Snow...?!
  • Tyrion has been named Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen -- Oh Tyrion (what a really nice moment)!
  • Daenerys broke it off with Daario. She also has all of her ships and is en route to Westeros with Tyrion, her entire army, the Ironborn Yara Greyjoy and Theon (he's such a great actor!), and the Martells (and Lady Tyrell?) in tow. Oh yeah, and her three dragons. 
  • Sam, Gilly, and Baby Sam made it to the Citadel.
  • Bran arrived near the Wall with Mereen and his uncle Benjen's help. He goes back to his vision with his young dad (Ned) at the Tower of Joy, where we find out that Ned's sister died having a baby for possibly the Mad King (Targaryen) -- and she asks Ned to take care of him and to not let Robert Baratheon find out (because he will kill him) -- which revealed Jon's true parentage. Oh-Em-Gee!!!

Season 6 just might be the strongest season so far! Season 7 is sure to be even crazier, but season 6 definitely set a high bar. 

There are only 2 more seasons left. Season 7 is said to have only 7 episodes, with the finale being of "movie-length" time wise. It'll be interesting to watch the show live with everyone else, week-to-week, this time around. I'm sure it'll deliver and be just as epic. 

Cheers to season 7!!!

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