Weekend Vibes

It's F R I D A Y, which means -- the weekend is upon us!

What are some fun things you like to do on the weekend?  

Living in Los Angeles (and in California in general), there's always something to do. Correction, there's always something FUN to do! This beautiful state offers beaches, water sports, snow, incredible parks, beautiful hikes, inspiring museums and art -- and numerous activities, a lot of which don't cost that much, if at all.

My boyfriend and I like to get away every now and then, especially if we've been working on set (on a film/tv show/commercial, etc) for a while. (Two of my most favorite places are Yosemite and Santa Barbara, but that's a whole other post! :)). But, when we're not heading out of town somewhere, we like to take it easy here in L.A.

L.A., despite the horrible traffic (lol), is a beautiful city. Some of my favorite things to do on the weekend (and sometimes midweek), besides getting coffee (this is always on my list of course), are:

  • Going to the movies! (This happens a lot, but I think you might have known that already, lol. :) I enjoy going to the movies, getting popcorn, and getting lost in a film. It's a fun way to spend two hours in my opinion -- I mean, if the film is good lol)
  • Hanging out in Malibu (El Matador beach to be exact! Shhh, it's our hideaway spot! :) It hardly ever has people there! Perfect and beautiful! Sometimes we like to go to Duke's Malibu too! Mai Tais!)
  • Walking around Santa Monica (3rd Street Promenade and the Farmers Market!)
  • Biking around Santa Monica (the bike path on the beach)
  • Discovering new books at the bookstore (the smell of books alone makes me very, very happy!)
  • Hiking around Fryman Canyon (one of my favorite spots -- beautiful hike, right in my backyard!)
  • Going to museums (we recently discovered The Broad in DTLA!) 
  • Photography with my favorite photographer (going to the beach or hiking in the hills with Dan, my boyfriend, specifically to shoot (photos). Always fun!) 
  • Brunch (I mean, who doesn't love a good brunch! One of my favorite spots is Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks -- or Joan's on Third!) 

Also, I enjoy staying in sometimes and catching up on some of my tv shows (binge life) or watching a movie (always!). 

There's so much to do here in L.A. and so much I have yet to discover. I'm grateful to live in such a place where there's so much to explore -- and its beauty gets me every time. 

Oh the beauty!

What are some of your favorite hang out spots where you live?! 

Let's chat! :)

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