Joy, Happiness, & the In-Between

Joy and happiness.

What causes joy? Can you make yourself happy? 

JOY is internal and I believe it manifests from knowing who you are, making peace with that, and your purpose here.

HAPPINESS comes in all forms -- and it's risen up by something good happening to us or around us which then triggers a happy feeling, if we let it. Happiness is more temporary than joy. 

I personally think both of these, intertwined, are essential for a healthy lifestyle -- a healthy journey.

I wanted to share with you a few blurbs, quotes, and thoughts I've recently read... and a couple I hold dear to my heart... that I hope will inspire you... to help you find and keep the joy burning! And I hope they will inspire you to take more chances with your happy


A little blurb from Julianne Hough (actress/dancer): 

"Something truly hit me a few years ago, even though I had heard it my whole life -- that all the things I wanted to make me happy felt so far away, unattainable. But once I got them then I would be happy. I'll be happy when..... I'll be happy when....
But the truth is, because I was so focused on the goal that was so far away, and didn't enjoy the process getting there -- once I got it, it was never enough and I truly didn't feel the joy when I had achieved my version of success. So I changed my mindset, took it one day at a time, started doing little things daily that gave me an internal joy and happiness.
When I started feeling that internal happiness (aka joy) and gratitude for the small things, I started enjoying my life more, felt less stress and anxiety over achieving my goals, and actually became a happier person.... just because!
The journey to your success is your success..." - Julianne Hough


I love this quote from Julianne and it speaks so much truth. I feel like we all go through this at one point or another -- a sense of chase. Chasing after the next thing and the next thing, and once we get it, surely we'll be happy then

Being present and experiencing life that's currently happening before us, can light a fire within us. The joy is in the journey, and once we realize that, no one and nothing can take that away from us. 

Day-to-day, choose happiness. Find a new activity. Eat some new foods. Embrace and surround yourself with friends who are uplifting!

I also want to share this quote from Sandra Bullock (actress/producer)! She once said to a group of young people:

"Go find your joy. Whatever that is, go find your joy. Are you going to have a good day or are you going to have a great day, because it's completely up to you. It's what you're going to remember in the end. You're not going to remember how you worried. You're not going to remember the what ifs or the whys or who wronged you. It's the joy that stays with you..."

It's the joy that stays with you... 


A great quote from blogger/designer/writer Erin Loechner:

"Gratitude. Gratitude for where you are, not where you hope to be, is the best virtue to practice on your quest for change. You are here, now. You have, thank goodness, been given all that you need for today..." - Erin Loechner (from her book: Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path)

We all can practice gratitude more. In doing so, we open ourselves up to all of the positivity within our lives. We open ourselves up to see and recognize all that we already have, all that we are -- that it's all enough. We begin to become more aware of the grace that's upon our lives. We become more present and we get to really experience all the beauty that surrounds us. The joy within us will burst! 

I find that journaling also helps with this. Write it out. Let it sink it. Be grateful. :)

(*Find Erin Loechner's book details at the end of this essay!)


A quote from Oprah Winfrey:

"What I know for sure is that you feel real joy in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth..." - Oprah 

Stay connected to who you are -- stay connected. Stay connected. Stay connected.

Also, here's one from Matthew McConaughey (actor/producer), to go along with staying connected!

During a graduation ceremony in front of a group of grads, he spoke about happiness and joy. He said:

"Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome  -- happiness demands a certain outcome, it is result reliant.

If happiness is what you’re after, then you are going to be let down frequently and be unhappy much of your time. Joy, though, is something else. It’s not a choice, not a response to some result, it is a constant. Joy is 'the feeling we have from doing what we are fashioned to do,' no matter the outcome. Joy is always in process. It's in the constant approach, alive and well -- in the doing of what we are fashioned to do…" - Matthew McConaughey 

Stay connected to who you are...


One of my favorite scriptures: 

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy..." - Psalm 126:3

This is my daily mantra -- a personal reminder. It's embedded in my heart and in my mind. No matter how bad things may seem, I always try to remember this scripture. It helps me, soothes me. It reminds me where my joy resides, where it comes from -- it lives within me.


Of course there will be trials. Of course there will be suffering. Of course there will be times when you don't want to get out of the bed or face your problems. 

I want to encourage you to know that after every storm, the clouds clear. They clear. And the sun breaks through.

But even during the trials, during the suffering, during the hardships -- you can hold on to who you are. And know that you will come out of it. Stay connected to yourself, to what you know to be true, regardless.

It may take some time, but don't forget who you are in the process. 

Always make sure you're okay in the joy department, during every situation. It takes time to tap into it and to learn how to hold on to that. You know the good old saying, "Don't let anyone steal your joy!" Yep. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Hold onto it -- and capture moments of happy along the way! 

"My wish for you is joy. When you wish someone joy, you wish peace, love, prosperity, health, happiness...all the good things.." - Maya Angelou

All the good things... 

Happy week! :)


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