Extraordinary Gift...


To the ones who undoubtedly know who they're meant to be and know what they're meant to do, never forget what a blessing that is. And to the ones who know and are brave enough to live it, what a courageous life you live. Don't forget that. >> Through all the downfalls and the rough tides....through all the highs and best days of your life....through all the setbacks and the moments that miraculously propel you toward your victory, never forget what a blessing it is TO KNOW and TO LIVE OUT YOUR PURPOSE. Wow! What an extraordinary blessing. What an extraordinary gift. Carry that with you during your journey. >> And to those still searching, hold fast to faith. Let your passion lead you to your purpose. And through it all, stay prayerful. I believe in your victory!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

[Hebrews 10:22-24] ❤️ 

- Jess