Failure is an Event...


We all have done things that we consider failures. I want to encourage you to realize that whatever it was...or is...or will be, you have to know that YOU are not a failure. Many people who we consider successful have failed over and over at something but they rose above those failed events and kept going because they believed in themselves and what they were capable of doing! They didn't let those situations stop them!

You are still here and you will have many more experiences --some of which will not be what people consider "successful". But you have to keep going and keep following your journey. Those events, the so called failures, don't let them beat you down. Let them, instead, help to mold you into someone who's resilient and doesn't give up! The best is yet to come and the sun always rises! So keep pressing forward and stay prayerful. Don't give up. I believe in your victory!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess