Stop Waiting/Start Doing...


Sometimes we tend to wait to pursue our goals and dreams for numerous reasons: one being that we're scared that we may fail and another reason may be that we feel unprepared. While you're waiting, you can actually be missing out on other opportunities right in front of you & that are meant FOR YOU! Today, I encourage you to reevaluate what you want and MAKE A PLAN on how you will achieve it!

Whatever it is that needs to happen, make a plan and make it happen. Today is another day and opportunity to do what you love and to take another step forward toward your dreams! Listen to and for God's guidance and direction. Believe, have faith, make a plan, always pray, and start doing! Today is the day!

Today and always, be blessed! :) 

- Jess

[Photo taken at the Santa Monica Pier a few days ago!]