The Level of Your Vision...


Love this! :) Let this quote resonate with you. What's your vision? Are you surrounding yourself with those with the same outlook as you or are you listening to those who lack the proper understanding, same outlook, and knowledge and are constantly condemning your vision and dreams?

["In order to get to your instincts, you have to surround yourself with people who believe in those same instincts. Find people in your rhythm. People who honor your inner core. We choose our relationships. Too many people try to change their inner core to adapt to someone else. That’s not honoring your instinct..." - T.D. Jakes] 

Honor your instincts and vision for your life today and every day. If you're blessed enough to see far and beyond -- to see and know who and what you are -- to have a vision and be able to listen to your instincts -- do it! :) And surround yourself with those who believe in you as well!

 ["Once you follow your instinct, you’ll realize how much more you can utilize it versus learned traits. Start focusing on those natural gifts – the DNA of who you are. When you focus on your instincts, you’ll discover they can lift more than anything else..." - T.D. Jakes]

Today and always, be blessed. :) 

- Jess