What You Bring...



What kind of impression -- feeling -- mark do you bring to each day and leave on others at the end of each day?

Are you uplifting and encouraging, or always negative and discouraging? Are you caring and kind, or do you show disinterest in other people's feelings and are constantly rude and mean? Are you happy and laughing and seeing all the good within each day, or are you sad and always seeing all that's wrong with the day? 

We all have our moments and days where we're just not feeling so positive at the moment or are feeling down on ourselves and our life at the present moment. But today, if that happens, let's try to step out of our own feelings and be a light. Be a light for those who need it and then we'll also see our own day turn around -- turn around into a joyful, great, love and kindness-filled day! One act of kindness can change someone's whole day (and even their entire life) around and it will undoubtedly change yours as well!! 

Today, let's: "live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly of us...no one would believe it!" Try to be more positive, more giving, more fun, more encouraging, more caring......and happier, kinder. 

Today and always, be blessed. :) 

- Jess