Keep Moving...


I think everyone goes through those moments where we [very much] dislike working out. I'm an active person, but I definitely have those moments often! (Haha!) But I do LOVE it more so than dislike it. My heart pounding through my chest -- my increased breath -- even the sweat. There’s something about that feeling I get that I love after accomplishing and getting through a tough, yet awesome workout -- and I’m thankful for that!

Try to change up your workouts often! You don't want your body to adapt to a certain routine. Try to allow your body to explore different workouts. Variety is key!

Some of my favorite workouts are: HIITs (high intensity interval training!), Pilates, spinning, kettlebell workouts, and I love a good step class!! Also, I loooove biking around town with my boyfriend and hiking with him as well! :) 

I used to be an avid dancer, but now as an actor/writer (the latter part requiring a lot of sitting), it's important for me to find the time to fit in a good workout. I feel more alive, stronger, happier. Try a new workout today (don’t forget to watch your form!) --  even if it’s just jogging around the block, doing squats around the house, jumping jacks, push ups -- just keep moving!! Even if it’s for a short period of time -- just keep moving!! Push through it! And savor the feeling after you finish it! Also, get a friend to join you sometime! YOU CAN DO IT!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess