See the miracles...

Living in Los Angeles definitely brings out your inner "hustler" -- work, work, work. That's how it can be sometimes because you're trying to grow in your craft...trying to get closer to your dreams. It happens to me often. The reason I don't think anything of it sometimes is because I absolutely love what I do and absolutely love the industry I'm in -- and want to go further in it.  

We all have that moment where we focus on the end result, on the victory -- and we forget that the journey is the best part. Through the journey, we grow. Things happen to us, things happen for us.  We hit obstacles. We hit conflicts. But every now and then, we hit miracles! Where we have that, "how did that happen?" moment -- or where we start to see and appreciate the "little things" along the way. 

Let's not forget to appreciate the little things -- see the miracles!! 

Today and always, be blessed!  :) 

- Jess