Seen / Heard...


We're caught up in a time where we tend to "overshare" at times. Some things need to be kept private. :) Not every thing we do needs to be seen or heard. I want to encourage you to "do you", but don't let it get to a point where you feel that everything you do has to be praised, seen, talked about, or acknowledged.

Also, I want to encourage you to do good. Work hard. But don't do it just for the acknowledgment. Don't do it JUST because someone important is watching you. Don't just do it because you think you'll gain something from it. Do it because it feels like the right thing to do. Please don't get caught up in being "seen" or "heard".

Get back to the root of your passions and dreams and thrive off of that! :) Move in the direction of nourishing your soul for your own sake, instead of constantly seeking and wanting validation from others. It's a day-to-day way of life.

Praying for your victory!

Today and always, be blessed. :)

- Jess