13 Reasons Why

“It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow...”
— Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen

13 Reasons Why 


I recently finished watching 13 REASONS WHYI haven't read the book yet, but thanks to my friend Krystal, I have hers to read through (thanks girl!). 

I've had a constant dialog and open discussion with friends about Netflix's 13-episode tv adaptation (and every crazy moment that happens in it), trying to figure out what to say here and to fully process this rollercoaster of a show. 

Just in case you're unfamiliar with it (where have you been?!!), 13 Reasons Why centers on a teenage boy who receives a mysterious box of tapes from another classmate who recently committed suicide. The tapes explain her reasons why she decided to end her life. Sounds like a depressing show? Hang in there with me. :)

Each episode and incident(s) made me think back on high school. I had some good times, great ones, not so good ones, and some I can't even remember...not from drinking or anything like that but because I LITERALLY can't remember (I can't be the only one, right? #OldLadyHiggins Lol). 

The writing and performances throughout the show really moved me and took me back to those high school days. I felt so many emotions...that I ended up being in a pretty deep funk after the series ended...not because it was over but because of how it made me feel. It was a weird, emotional funk. And it made me very, oddly reflective.

I can relate to Hannah's character in a very small way. I have trouble expressing how I'm feeling "in the moment" sometimes. I can relate to wanting help but not doing all that I can to get it. I'm a woman in my twenties, still trying to find my way. I'm sure we all, at some point in our lives, could relate to this in some way. But no matter how big or small my problems may seem, I have hope...and my faith sustains me, always. Always. 

It hurts my heart (and my spirit) to see someone like Hannah (and there are real people like her) who doesn't have anymore hope, who doesn't have faith. I can't imagine not having hope. So this is a reason I was in a little funk after the series ended (and during it). It impacted me emotionally. But don't get me wrong, the show is also entertaining and funny at times...and it shows high schoolers in a way l haven't really seen done before. 

Here are my overall thoughts: 

(1) First of all, great series (and I love how diverse the cast was--like LOVE love)! (2) There were parts I thought for sure were spot on...(3) but a couple of parts I thought weren't, like how unrealistic some characters reacted in certain situations and how mental illness was never really talked about (concerning Hannah). (4) It drove me crazy watching it at times (in a good and bad way)....(5) and sent me on an emotional roller coaster, for multiple reasons (as mentioned above).

Another thing, (6) one of my favorite lines is from Mr. Porter when he says: "You can't love someone back to life..." & then (7) Clay responds with "...You can try..." -- Too true. Both of them. No matter how much love you give someone, it all falls back on them, on whether or not they want to accept that love...and it starts with SELF LOVE (and getting the help that's needed). 

Anyway, if you haven't watched this show, give it a try. (8) I feel like the story was worth telling and seeing......and also entertaining. (9) This was Katherine Langford's first big acting gig, and I was really impressed with her and thought she (and the cast) did really well and really pulled me into their performances...(those last two episodes broke my heart and my eyes from crying so much, aw lawwwd--(10) and I'm glad they decided to show the graphicness of the situations--they fully went there, and I believe that was a good decision to do so)! (11) I absolutely loved the direction and editing throughout--those match cuts were so on point--and (12) the development and writing of each episode were really well done (even though some lines made my ears cringe lol). (13) Overall, I really enjoyed this series!

The show really made me think about teenagers...and people in general. One thing (which is huge) that really stuck with me is how we sometimes are so consumed with our own lives, our own worlds, that we subconsciously forget about those around us. We don't do it on "purpose" but we begin to not notice the little things--which can lead to bigger issues, bigger problems. A takeaway from the show for me is that we need to be more aware, and we need to listen.

L I S T E N. 

We need to guide others to the help that they might need....and we need to lift one another up. Be there for each other. My hope is that this show opens people's eyes to this. 

So many unanswered questions though you guys! Do you think there should be another season? 

Check it out, now streaming on Netflix and let's chat about it! And go HUG someone!